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Kimmy's Crepes

Each year I make Pear Crepes for Kim for Mother's Day. Here's how.

A Dry No-Knead

Today's no-knead is 75% hydration. It's a little harder to mix but much easier to handle and bakes up beautifully.

A Wet No-Knead

What do you do with all of that left-over sourdough starter? You can almost make bread from it alone. Today a very wet no-knead recipe.


It is surprisingly easy to make a really good pizza at home. Today we're going to make a Neopolitan style dough and use it as a thin crust for our pizza.

Choose your own Ciabatta

Ciabatta is a wet dough. How wet? I'll provide some parameters and recommendations but ultimately you have to choose.

Err and Variations

There will be little things wrong with the formula each time you make it. There might be also little changes you want to make to the dough.


Finally we bake with our sourdough starter. We use it in the exact same formula that we've used for Basic Bread and Poolish.


There's one ingredient our bread's been missing: time. Today we pre-ferment some of our flour to add flavor.

Basic Bread

This basic bread formula begins your transition to being a serious home baker.

Hamburger Buns

Feel free to experiment with your bread recipes. That's how you learn.


A friend sent me a one word text the other day: Bagels. So that's what we'll be baking today.


Today we make Focaccia, one of the easiest breads to make. It's almost baking a pancake batter.


Home made pita bread is so good.

From the archives

Dear Elena

In honor of what would have been my youngest daughter's 20th birthday, I have published a paperback edition and reformatted the ebook of the first few months of "Dear Elena", the blog that I kept after her death. (Link to the paperback on Amazon US. The ebook is available on iBooks, Gumroad, and on Amazon's Kindle store.)