Here is a collection of free videos from our Coding collection as well as conference and meetup presentations.

All videos are available from the Dim Sum Thinking YouTube page - where you can, of course, subscribe and (as the kids say) ring that bell.

Coding in Swift

Link to Combine to Async part 1

Reconsidering @Published

Replacing communication between an ObservableObject and a SwiftUI View.

Link to Syntax Coloring

Syntax Color

An exploration on why I color the code the way I do in books and videos.


Link to free  talk on valuing the time you have

Valuing the time you have

As you look at all the things you could be doing, how do you make sure you're making the biggest move on the board.

Originally presented at NSNorth 2019.

Link to free  WWDC talk

Take a Breath

Each year WWDC presents us with a ton of possibilities and opportunities. But with these new technologies comes a lot of pressure to embrace and adopt everything quickly. After all - everyone else is. This talk suggests that first you breathe.

Originally presented for the try Swift World Social Hour in June, 2020.

Conferences and Meetups

Link to three swift tips

Three Swift Tips

This video contains three quick tips for Swift Developers.

Originally recorded for Bitrise in October, 2020.

Link to free Functional Programming SwiftUI intro

Functional Fundamentals and SwiftUI

This video explores how you'll need to use principles from functional programming as you begin to adopt SwiftUI.

Originally presented for the Netherlands CocoaHeads meetup in May, 2020.

Link to free  SwiftUI Combine talk

SwiftUI and Combine Changes Everything

The way you architect your apps necessarily changes when you apply SwiftUI and Combine. This video explains the state of things at the time it was recorded before WWDC 2020.

Originally presented for the Philadelphia Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference in May, 2020.