A Swift Kickstart (Second Edition)

Introducing the Swift Programming Language

Swift Kickstart

A Swift Kickstart is the perfect book for the experienced developer who wants to get serious about learning the Swift programming language. Working your way through this book is a great way to learn the language of the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

As the language matures and improves, this book changes to reflect the latest best practices and coding style. This second edition to the best-selling Swift introduction has been updated to the very latest public Swift 5.3 release.

It's never been easier to get started with Swift as you work along using either Swift Playgrounds or Xcode playgrounds. This means you can code along on a Mac or an iPad.

The book begins with an introduction to basic components of programming in Swift: functions, variables and constants, collections, and types from the Swift Standard Library.

In the second part, we create and use our own enumerations, structs, classes, and protocols. You?ll learn how to take advantage of value types and learn the Swifty way to craft your code.

The third part introduces you to error handling, and digs deeper into functions in Swift, generics, and higher-order functions. Before you know it you?ll find yourself fluent in the language used to write to Apple platforms and beyond.

You need a Mac or an iPad running the latest version of Xcode or Swift Playgrounds.


Working with Swift

Chapter 1: Let's Get Started

Chapter 2: Functions

Chapter 3: Variables and Constants

Chapter 4: Collections

Fundamental Types

Chapter 5: Enumerations

Chapter 6: Structs

Chapter 7: Classes

Chapter 8: Protocols

Digging Deeper

Chapter 9: Errors

Chapter 10: Flexible Functions

Chapter 11: Higher-Order Functions


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