Dear Elena

On Hope and Sadness

Dear Elena

This is a book about a happy and healthy six year old.

The book begins the day after she died.

That morning, the morning after his youngest daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly, Daniel Steinberg created a blog to help him through this painful time.

For years, people all over the world have written to say that the stories have made them better friends, partners, and parents. They write that they value the time they have with others because, after reading the essays, they understand that nothing is guaranteed,

This book covers the time between Elena’s death and the day, four months later, that she would have finished first grade. There are stories about Elena, her family, and friends. But mostly, it is the journey of a grieving father trying to find his way.


Selected Essays

Unfinished Business

What to Say to Mourners

On Choosing a Wife

Two Religions

Newspaper Announcement


Why No Pictures

Not Moving

Writer's Block


If Elena Were With Us

Maggie Rose

A Call from Above

One Days

... and more