Baker's Math

Essential Calculations for Working with Dough


  • Measure everything

  • Desired Dough Temperature

  • Meet the Baker's Percentage

  • Use the Baker's Percentage

  • Adjust Formulas

  • Move to Grams

  • Automate with Spreadsheets

  • The Home Baker

  • Epilogue


Serious home bakers and professional bakers use formulas not recipes. A quick calculation allows them to scale a formula up or down to meet their needs.

Ingredients are weighed not measured by volume. Your cup of flour may be different than mine, but 400 g of flour is the same for both of us.

The best bread bakers get consistent rises by controlling the temperature of the dough by adjusting the temperature of the water to be added.

This short book shows you how to manage your desired dough temperature and how to work with baker's percentage when you create or use bread formulas.

The book is available as an ePub from the iBooks Store.