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When Swift Macros were announced last year I just knew they weren't for me.

And then I noticed how much nicer it was to write a SwiftUI View now that I could use #Preview at the bottom of the page instead of the boilerplate I'd been writing since SwiftUI was released.

"Maybe," I thought, "there's something in this macros thing."

And then I thought, "I hope someone else writes a book about it."

And I waited.

And no-one did.

So after I finished my book on Data Flow and SwiftData, I started turning my Swift Macros workshop into a book. I've been sending it to reviewers and have released a series of betas and today I'm releasing all five chapters of The Case of the Vanishing Bodies: An Introduction to Swift Macros.

I will update the book based on what is announced at WWDC in June - but I think this is a great way to get started finding out if macros are for you.