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Announcing my Swift Programming Ultimate Bundle available on Gumroad for $75.

"Man Daniel," you say, "that's really markety of you."

I know. I'll talk about some steps I've taken in that direction tomorrow in my newsletter but I wanted to tell you about the bundle today.

You can order all four of my Kickstart books as part of a single bundle for around 60% of the price of buying the books individually.

The bundle includes:

"But Daniel," you say, "I already own all of your books."

Thank you. That helps motivate me to write more and supports me during the time. Even though I update these books regularly, they were each first released a while ago. I don't mind if you continue to buy them individually - but I wanted to offer something new for these four books.

If you own some of the books through Gumroad, reach out to me at the email on the Ultimate Bundle page and I'll look up your account on Gumroad. If you own one book I'll offer you the rest for $45. If you own two books you get the remaining two for $15. If you own three books you get the remaining book.

The bundle idea and the redesign of the pages is thanks to a kind push from Paul Hudson.

So far the bundle has done really well - I thank you for supporting me and am working on updating these for the fall release of Swift 5.5, iOS 15, and macOS 12.

Then we'll get to work on the next books!