Feeding Update

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Hopefully, you're still feeding your starter twice a day.

By now you should see bubbles on the surface when you go to feed it and it should have a sour but pleasant smell. I describe it as a fruity kind of sour. The same idea as wine but not the same smell.

Each feeding we're dumping out about two thirds of the mixture and using our measurements to add about one third fresh flour and one third water.

One of the other advantages of making pancakes is you now have a feel for the desired consistency of our starter. After you feed the starter it should be close to the thickness of pancake batter.

Once your starter is bubbling and smelling nice we can reduce the amount we keep. In other words, if you want, once you have a robust starter dump out all but 1/6 th of it (say around 45g). Refresh it with 30g of flour and 30g of water.

As long as your starter is healthy and smells good you don't have to panic about exact measurements.

Oh, one more thing. Every day or so, I move my starter into another container. I just find that a crust builds up from where I mixed the starter or poured some out. If I really like the container I'm using, I pour it into a clean juice glass, clean out my container, and then go back to using my container.

Keep feeding the starter. We'll bake with it soon.

In the meantime, tomorrow we'll make pita bread.