A SwiftUI Kickstart

Introducing the SwiftUI User Interface Framework


  • Lets Get Started

  • Create, Configure, and Layout

  • Call to Action

  • Tabs and Sheets

  • Lists and Navigation

  • Making it Nicer


Training from Dim Sum Thinking


This is one of those moments where everything changes.

Whether you're an experienced iOS developer or are coming new to the platform, SwiftUI forces you to rethink how to organize your UI and how to architect your app.

SwiftUI takes advantage of the best of the Swift Programming language to build complicated interfaces from lightweight, composable, modifiable, and disposable views such as Text and Image

You'll layout these views using VStack, HStack, ZStack, and GeometryReader.

You'll accept user input from Button, TextField, and Slider and then flow the data through your app using State, Binding, ObservableObject, and the environment.

You'll put the pieces together into an app that uses TabView, NavigationView, and Sheet along with List to present a table filled with data.

The book takes you on a journey from the Object-Oriented Model-View-Controller world to the declarative world of SwiftUI.

You can read the book in Apple's Books app on your iOS device or Mac or on any device that supports ePub if you buy the eBook from Gumroad.