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Our most popular introduction to programming iOS in Swift takes full advantage of Apple's new modern programming language in a comprehensive introduction to contemporary iOS development. We begin with our one day intensive introduction to Swift, follow it with our two day introduction to iOS programming, and wrap up the course with a one day quick survey of topics such as Core Data, JSON, Watch Kit, and more.

Swift Kickstart

One day

This best selling one day intensive class introduces you to the most important concepts and techniques of coding with Swift. All of the material has been updated to teach the very latest version of Swift on the most recent version of Xcode. The first half of the course covers the language fundamentals and the second half examines classes, enumerations, structs, and protocols.

This fast-paced workshop shows you how to take advantage of Swift features to write more robust code that is easier to reason about. One of the strengths of Swift is that it can borrow the best from a multitude of paradigms. We’ll look at how to successfully weave together OO and functional code into a readable and flexible architecture and focus on protocol oriented programming.

iOS 9 Kickstart

Two days

You'll quickly get the hang of iOS development in this popular two day class. We cover iOS fundamentals including outlets, actions, scenes, and segues. We also cover new iOS 9 and Xcode 7 features such as size classes, stack views, localization, and inspectable properties. All code is written in Swift.

By popular demand, we offer a combination of the above two classes in a convenient three day package. Day one is the Swift Kickstart and days two and three is the iOS 9 Kickstart.

We've updated our iOS class every few months since we introduced it in 2008. We still offer this perennial favorite in the original language. In this class, you'll learn to write iOS apps using Objective-C. This class is designed for programmers who need to work with existing code that is written in Objective-C and covers the latest features of Xcode 6 and iOS 9.

This fun, half-day workshop is designed to introduce programming to ages 8 - 12. Participants direct a turtle towards its goal while learning the fundamentals of the Swift programming language and how to work with an Xcode 7 playground.

Public classes

dot Swift Workshop

Paris, France

January 28, 2016

try! Swift

Tokyo, Japan

March 5, 2016

Lubar School CTI

Milwaukee, WI

March 11, 2016

CocoaConf Chicago

Chicago, IL

March 24, 2016

CocoaConf Austin

Austin, TX

April 14, 2016

CocoaConf Seattle

Seattle, WA

May 4, 2016