Dear Elena

Hope and Sadness


  • Unfinished Business
  • What to Say to Mourners
  • On Choosing a Wife
  • Two Religions
  • Newspaper Announcement
  • Sisters
  • Why No Pictures
  • Not Moving
  • Writer's Block
  • Why
  • If Elena Were With Us
  • Maggie Rose
  • A Call from Above
  • One Days
  • ... and more


My youngest daughter Elena died suddenly one week shy of her seventh birthday.

This book is a collection of the first five months of posts I wrote in a blog I started the morning after Elena died.

The daily posts helped me through this unbelievable time. I wrote them for me.

They may not resonate with you. You may not find them interesting or helpful.

On the other hand, enough people have told me that there was a post here or there that made them a better or more grateful parent that I thought it was worth publishing.