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iPad and iPhone App Development:
Stanford University CS193P

Learn to write iOS apps

This is the official companion text for the popular iTunes U series from Stanford University taught by Paul Hegarty in Fall 2011. The book is full of code examples and animated walkthroughs designed to teach experienced programmers how to write iPad and iPhone applications.

Updated for today's technologies

The examples in this book have been completely updated from the companion videos so you can use the latest release of Xcode and take advantage of the latest features of Objective-C.

All of the examples work on Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6.


You should download and view Paul Hegarty's lectures for Stanford University's CS193P recorded Fall 2011.

Download slides and assignments from the course web site.

All of the exercises for this book are available from github.

Support and Distribution

This book is provided for free thanks to support from Kleiner Perkins Caulfied & Byers.